The Osteoporosis Center at Rogue Valley Physicians
The Osteoporosis Center
The Osteoporosis Center
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The Osteoporosis Center

The Osteoporosis Center

Osteoporosis Patients

Do you know your T-score?

T-scores are as important to understand as your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The lower your T-score the more fragile your bones are.

Half of women over 45 have osteoporosis. Women suffer more fractures due to osteoporosis in a year than they do heart attacks, strokes and cases of breast cancer combined.

Learn what your T-score is.
Speak to your healthcare provider about getting a DXA scan—it’s the first step to improving your bone health.

Our web site provides a wealth of information about Osteoporosis. We encourage you to read more about this disease and understand the importance of your own bone health.


About the Center

The Osteoporosis Center is a division of Rogue Valley Physicians Laboratory & Imaging Center which provides a full complement of state-of-the-art laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging services. Our bone density screening and consultation services include:

  • DXA (Bone Density) Screening
  • Pediatric Bone Evaluation
  • Consultation services including Education, Evaluation, and Treatment Options

Schedule your DXA Scan today!

It’s never too late — or too early — to do something about osteoporosis.

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Medline Plus’ Interactive Tutorial

Learn more about osteoporosis with Medline Plus’ Interactive Tutorial.

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